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Magic the Gathering (MTG) Dueling Decks: Phyrexia VS The Coalition. (Strategy Card Game). (2010). Wizards of the Coast, Inc. ASIN: B003BUAO2U. $19.99.

Summary A war is waged in Dominaria when Phyrexian invaders attack. Luckily, a coalition has formed which includes the ultra-powerful dragons! Can the united forces stop the black spawn before death is brought down upon them? Take the reigns as … Continue reading

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The Smile. By Donna Jo Napoli. (2008). New York : Dutton Children’s Books. ISBN-10: 0525479996. $17.99.

Plot Summary Elizabetta, dubbed Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci himself, is a free-spirited thirteen-year-old girl living in the Florentine countryside during the Italian Renaissance. Her father is a silk-trader, with many noble business partners, and her mother wants nothing … Continue reading

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Dance Central. (Xbox 360 Kinect Game). (2010). Microsoft: Harmonix. ASIN: B002I0HBOI. $39.99

Summary Dance Central is one of XBOX’s newest games, answering to the capabilities of the Nintendo Wii, and games such as Just Dance, and now Just Dance 2. Everyone will feel a little silly, (especially when the Kinect takes “freestyle” … Continue reading

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Halo:Reach. (Xbox 360 Game). (2010). Microsoft: Bungie.

Summary It is the year 2552, and you are a warrior: a specially enhanced human warrior, sent to the planet Reach to protect it from alien invasion and destruction. But it is not going to be an easy fight, it’s … Continue reading

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Boy Proof. By Cecil Castelucci. (2005). Candlewick Press, Cambridge, MA. ISBN-!): 0763623334 (alk. paper)

Plot Summary Cinefile, overachiever, “Boy Proof” Egg, named for her favorite character in science fiction, has always been fine on her own. Even with her membership in the sci-fi club at school, she doesn’t rely on anyone. Not even her … Continue reading

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. By Sherman Alexie. Art by Ellen Forney. (2007). Little Brown, New York. ISBN-10: 0316013692.

Plot Summary The main character and narrator of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is Arnold Spirit, and it turns out, he is aptly named. Arnold was born with “water on the brain,” too much cerebral fluid, lending … Continue reading

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The Frenzy. By Francesca Lia Block. (2010). HarperTeen, New York. ISBN-10: 0061926663.

Plot Summary On the day that Olivia turns 13, her mother kills a wolf right in their driveway. Something inside Olivia snaps, physically rages, at this. Because something inside Olivia is different: she is a monster, a werewolf. She has … Continue reading

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