Twilight: Eclipse. By Stephenie Meyer. (2007). New York: Little, Brown, & Co. ISBN-10: 031608736X.


When Bella is threatened yet again by a hoard of newly made vampires thirsty for her blood alone, the Cullen vampire clan and Jacob’s Quileute werewolf clan must come together to fight them off, despite their differences and mutual hatred for one another. Meanwhile, Bella is frustrated with her humanity, yet others still make her think twice about holding on to it a bit longer. Jacob finally admits his love for Bella, forcing her to re-evaluate her current course of action.

Critical Evaluation

At 639 pages, Twilight: Eclipse is one hefty tome. While chapters don’t drag as much as some in Twilight: New Moon, one wonders if some more editing would have enhanced the title. Still, teens and adults alike haven’t been deterred by the lengthiness of the story. If anything, they only hunger for more!

In Eclipse, Edward comes of as an extremely jealous, overprotective, and controlling boyfriend in this continuation of Twlight, however, we are supposed to believe that this is because he cares so much for Bella. Instead, we begin to root for Jacob, who, while forcing himself on her, seems to represent freedom and nature. He does, after all, have warm blood flowing through his veins.

Like its predecessors, the action in Eclipse doesn’t really get going until the end of the book, though even then the love triangle takes center stage. Bella must always be kept safe from harm and so then, are we, the readers.

The brutality of the “new vampire” army which the Cullens and the Quileute must fight also makes Bella stand back and re-consider her humanity, still, will anything convince her to deter her current course?

Fans desperate to learn more about the pasts and history of the Quileute, and mysterious characters such as Jasper and Rosalie, will be completely satisfied by this novel.

Reader’s Annotation

Ever closer to becoming a vampire herself, Bella is becoming impatient with waiting. Still, learning more about new vampires and the pasts of the Cullen family, along with Jacob’s declaration of love for her, leaves her thinking twice.

About the Author

Stephenie Meyer was made famous after the publication of Twilight, her first novel. She awoke one morning after a dream in which she saw Bella and Edward in a beautiful meadow. She wanted to know more about the two of them, and so she began to write. Stephenie is a graduate of Brigham Young University. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three sons.


-Supernatural Romance

Curriculum Ties
– Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

-Wuthering Heights

Booktalking Ideas
-Appeal of Vampires (immortality, monstrous nature of humanity, etc)

-Supernatural Romance

Reading Level/Interest Age

Challenge Issues

These books have been challenged because they deal with vampires and other monsters, which could categorize them as “occult”, although in the first few volumes there is no graphic imagery or questionable language. The books include themes of love, lust, and marriage which may be considered inappropriate for younger teens, yet the text itself is not beyond their reading level or especially questionable. If such considerations are brought about, I would suggest that parents also read the series (many do enjoy it,) along with their teens.
Why Did You Include This Book?

As of July, 2010, the entire Twilight Saga was the number one bestselling children’s series(Roback, 2010). Many libraries have raced to keep the books stocked on their shelves. Those who are not avid readers will still pick up these large volumes, and then come looking for more when Edward and Bella’s story is through. Much like Bella finding solace in Jacob if she can’t be without Edward, teens will look to other literature to satisfy the emptiness. And just like Jacob, maybe that is the better choice, though Twilight remains their favorite.

Best Books: 

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Senior High Core Collection Supplement to the Seventeenth Edition 2008, 2008 ; The H. W. Wilson Co.; United States
Awards, Honors, Prizes: 

Buckeye Children’s Book Award, 2008 Winner Teen Ohio
Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award, 2009 Winner Colorado
North Carolina Young Adult Book Award, 2009 Winner High School North Carolina
State and Provincial Reading Lists: 

Buckeye Children’s Book Award, 2008 ; Nominee; Teen; Ohio
Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award, 2009 ; Nominee; Colorado
North Carolina Young Adult Book Award, 2008-2009 ; Booklist; High School; North Carolina
Wisconsin Battle of the Books, 2008-2009 ; Senior; Wisconsin


Roback, D. (2010). Children’s Series and Tie-ins Bestsellers. Publishers Weekly, 257(29), 16. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database.


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