Settlers of Catan(Game). (2010). Mayfair Games. ASIN: B000W7JWUA.


On the Island of Catan, there are four resources: wood, sheep, wheat, and ore. Through the role of the di, you will earn the goods necessary to trade, and then to build settlements and cities. Obtain a port, and your trade power increases. Choose low-producing land, and you may find yourself at the bottom of the trade and real estate market.

Critical Evaluation

This simple, yet intense game is extremely addictive, but luckily, in a little over an hour, the game is finished and another can begin! Every time the game is played, the board itself changes randomly. Players will laugh out loud as they bargain and trade for sheep and wood, but that element of the game allows for a much more enriching experience than your standard boardgame, where players feel cheated by chance alone. Some chance is involved in Settlers of Catan, but if you choose your land carefully and find ways to trade the goods your land generates, build roads, and don’t appear too wealthy, you just might earn the 10 victory points necessary to win!

Gameplay is for up to four players, six with an expansion pack.


A strategy game for all ages, Settlers of Catan lets you try your hand at trade and colonization of a small island, where the only four resources are wood, wheat, sheep, and ore!

About the Creator

Klaus Teuber is the creator of many award-winning games, including Settlers of Catan. His parents were dentists, and so Klaus followed in their footsteps, earning a Master’s Degree in Dentistry in 1983. By 1999, after winning awards for his game designs, he left his father’s business and turned to game design full-time. In 2002, he founded the company, “Catan GmbH” / “Catan LLC” with his son Guido.

-Strategy Board Game

Curriculum Ties


Programming Ideas

-Family Game Night

-Trade and Play with Expansions

-Live action game where players play on a giant gameboard floor

Reading Level/Interest Age

Ages 10+

Challenge Issues
None- This game is appropriate for everyone over age 10.

Why Did You Include This Game?

Settlers of Catan was Germany’s Game of the Year in 1995.

“The Settlers of Catan ™ is available in over 30 languages and has sold over 15 million units worldwide since 1995. According to estimates by licensing partners, approximately 20 million people are spending time in the Catan gaming universe on a regular basis( ”

From The Washington Post,

“…the great board game of this era is The Settlers of Catan. That game, which came out in Germany in 1995, is not a household name like Monopoly, and given that electronic games have eclipsed board games, it may never be. But it presents a world in which resources are limited and fortunes are intertwined, and serves as a model for solving contemporary problems such as trade imbalances, nuclear proliferation, and climate change(Eskin, 2010).”

Eskin, B. (2010). Like Monopoly in the depression, Settlers of Catan is the board game of our time. Washington Post. Retrieved on December 11th, 2o10 from


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