Bone: Out From Boneville(Vol.1). By Jeff Smith. (2005).New York: Scholastic, Graphix. ISBN-10: 0439706408.

Plot Summary

Part 1 of Jeff Smith’s 9 volume, 1300 page masterpiece, begins with cousins Fone Bone, Smiley Bone, and Phoney Bone are kicked out of their hometown, Boneville, because of Phoney Bone’s greedy antics. When Fone Bone is separated from his cousins as a result of a swarm of locusts and a mishap involving a cliff, he will meet bugs, a dragon, stupid stupid rat creatures, and finally beautiful Thorn and her tough-as-nails, cow-racing Gran’ma Ben, whose destinies are intertwined with the Bones’.
Critical Evaluation

With the self-publication of Bone, Jeff Smith proved that he was a master of whimsy and wit! Often compared to The Lord of the Rings, Bone is an epic adventure which comic book fans, and non-comic book fans alike, just can’t afford to miss!

The characters who populate the world of Bone are memorable, funny, and beautifully expressive. Forget bringing cartoons into the real world; right outside of Boneville is a place where journeys are long, colorful, and exquisitely told.

Bone can be purchased in its original black and white version, or the new colored volumes, which were carefully and painstakingly completed  by Steve Hamaker, with due respect to Smith’s original artwork.

Smith’s panels are cinematic, the races and chases jaw-dropping, and the designs as appealing as Popeye or Calvin and Hobbs.

It is absolutely impossible to find fault with Bone, other than its immense and far-reaching appeal, which means that it will be the number one book that your friends all ask to borrow, and never return.

Reader’s Annotation

Fone Bone is separated from his cousins, Smiley Bone and Phoney Bone, when they leave Boneville. There, beyond a desert and through a forest, he finds adventure, love, and strength in companions Thorn and her Gran’ma Ben.

About the Author

Jeff Smith had a natural talent for cartooning, as he stated that he mainly learned how to do it by studying comic strips, comic books, and by watching animated t.v. shows. In 1991, he created his own company, Cartoon Books, in order to publish Bone. Bone became hugely successful, was translated to many foreign language, and now is published in color by Scholastic, Inc. Jeff Smith most recently created SHAZAM! Monster Society of Evil, for DC Comics, with artist Alex Ross.


-Graphic Novel


-Action Adventure

Curriculum Ties



Booktalking Ideas

-Animation Inspired

-Are comic books literary?

Reading Level/Interest Age

Ages 12+, but loved by all ages

Challenge Issues

None- this series is suitable for all ages

Why Did You Include This Book?

Bone’s easy readibility and subsequent suspense makes it one of the greatest introductions to graphic novels and comics available today.

Jeff Smith has won 44 awards for Bone since 1991;  including 10 Eisner Awards and 11 Harvey Awards, more than any other comic in history. In 2005, Time Magazine called Bone one of the ten greatest graphic novels of all time.

Best Books: 

Best Children’s Books of the Year, 2005 ; Bank Street College of Education; United States
Children’s Choices , 2007 ; International Reading Association; United States
Children’s Choices, 2006 ; International Reading Association; United States
Children’s Choices, 2008 ; International Reading Association; United States
Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog, Ninth Edition, 2005 ; H.W. Wilson; United States
YALSA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults, 2007 ; American Library Association; United States
Awards, Honors, Prizes: 

Great Lakes Great Books Award, 2007 Winner Grades 6-8 Michigan
State and Provincial Reading Lists: 

Great Lakes Great Books Award, 2006-2007 ; Nominee; Grades 6-8; Michigan

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