The Vampire Diaries: The Complete First Season. (2010). Warner Home Video. ASIN: B002JVWR9U.

Plot Summary

Elena Gilbert (Nina Gilbert) and her brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) move in with their Aunt Jenny (Sara Canning) after the death of their parents. Soon after, Elena meets Stefan Salvatore(Paul Wesley) and falls in love, but Stefan is a vampire, and he is not the only one in Mystic Falls, VA. His brother Damon,(Ian Somerhalder) more malicious and dangerous than Stefan, is deeply attracted to Elena as well. As Stefan and Damon attempt to deal with the past that has come back to life in the form of Elena, Mystic Falls experiences a shift in supernatural activity, which includes Elena’s best friend Bonnie (Katerina Graham) who has premonitions, and Vicki, (Kayla Ewell) Jeremy’s girlfriend.

Critical Evaluation

While this version of The Vampire Diaries differs considerably from the bestselling book series by L.J. Smith, it does have its own merits. The cast plays their parts more low-key than catty, and they smoulder on-screen together. Even fans of the books who have read the series over and over will be thrown for a loop with the unpredictable storylines.

If one can get past the overly-saturated pop music sprinkled throughout the series, and let the plot of the original books go a little, The Vampire Diaries can be a completely satisfying foray into a town where a vampire or two just might fall madly in love with you.

The DVD set includes 22 episodes, as well as the following special features:

Into Mystic Falls: Bringing Vampire Lore and the High School Experience from Page to Screen
When Vampires Don’t Suck!: The Popularity of Vampires and the Fans Who Love Them
The Vampire Diaries: A New Breed of Vampires — Casting the Series
The Vampire Diaries: Vampires 101 – The Rules of the Vampire
Creators/Director pilot commentary
Unaired scenes
The Vampire Diaries: A Darker Truth Webisodes
Second Bite: gag reel
Downloadable Audiobook of the Bestselling Novel The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening by L.J. Smith

Two vampire brothers fight for the girl who greatly resembles one they loved long ago. Can they learn to live together and to deal with other supernatural goings-on in Mystic Falls, VA?

About the Author

L.J. Smith has been writing since the 1980s. She wrote her first book, Night of the Solstice, between graduating high school and graduating college. She then worked as a special education teacher, but now writes full time.

Her books range from stories about vampires, werewolves, and witches, to psychics and Norse mythology. All of them share one thing: stories about soulmates and fate, dashing male characters, and female characters that must use their wits to escape from evil!

Smith’s books always contain elements of romance, the supernatural, and the relatable.

The show is produced by Kevin Williamson, who was responsible for early 1990s teen hits such as Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Dawson’s Creek.


-Supernatural Romance



Curriculum Ties


Reading Level/Interest Age

Ages 15-18+

Challenge Issues

The Vampire Diaries show includes suggestive scenes of sex, and vampire violence which includes attacks, stakings, and drinking blood. While the content has been cleared to be on The CW, some parents may feel that this series is more appropriate for older teens, while the books are at a reading level which is more appropriate for younger teens.

Why Did You Include This DVD Series?

Teens interested in the television show may also be interested in the book series, vampire mythology, and other supernatural romance.


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