Dreamer of Dune: The Biography of Frank Herbert. By Brian Herbert. (2004). Tor Books. ASIN: B001OW5NR8.


Rarely are we offered such a detailed glimpse of the life of an author: their struggles, relationships with loved ones, and real-life inspirations for the worlds they create.

Here, Frank Herbert’s son Brian offers insights into the very personal life of the man who created Dune.
Critical Evaluation
At 536 pages, Dreamer of Dune is a hefty tome. While some argue that the book could have benefited from a further edit, there is so much here to learn from. This is a whole life story to behold, about a complicated man, after all. The book has been criticized for being more about the man than about his ideas, but we have his novels for that, as well as other literary essays. Brian Herbert does a wonderful job telling his father’s triumphant, and at times sad, story. Dreamer of Dune details Herbert’s relationships with his children, the love of his life Beverly, what sacrifices he made (along with the entire family) in order to become a writer, how the success of his work affected him, and what he was like even up to his death(writing as much as possible, of course!)
Reader’s Annotation

Brian Herbert writes about his father’s life, sharing with the world the very personal experiences which allow us to know Frank Herbert in a way that only a son could.
About the Author

Brian Herbert, the son of science fiction legend Frank Herbert, is a prolific and respected writer. His novels include Sidney’s Comet, Prisoners of Arionn, Man of two Wolds (written with his father), Sudanna Sudanna, and a trilogy of Dune prequels written with Kevin J. Anderson. A new trilogy of prequels, also written with Kevin J. Anderson, has begun with Dune: The Butlerian Jihad published by Tor Books. Herbert has also edited The Songs of Muad’dib, the Notebooks of Frank Herbert’s Dune, and created The Dune Concordance. Brian Herbert lives in Washington State.

Retrieved on December 13th, 2010 from http://us.macmillan.com/dreamerofdune.



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Challenge Issues

Because Dreamer of Dune is a story about a man’s real life, it includes examples of life’s bittersweetness, and one man’s prejudices and faults. Yet, in reading about the man and his life, we can learn so much about our own.

Why Did You Include This Book?

Dreamer of Dune was nominated for a Hugo award, and it is an inspiring look at one of one of the world’s real geniuses. Brian Herbert has carried on his father’s legacy in the continuation of the Dune novels, written after Brian discovered his father’s notebooks about the series. In this novel, he carries on his father’s legacy in a new way. The tale is an inspiration and a joy to witness.


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