New York City Ballet Workout, Vol. 2(DVD). (2003). Palm Pictures / Umvd. ASIN: B00008L3WX


Dancers and non-dancers alike will benefit from this DVD workout, which focuses on small movements rather than aerobics. Exercises are performed by four members of the New York City Ballet.

The workout consists of a moving warm-up, exercises for strengthening thighs, calves, and buttocks, and the core(stomach and back), finishing off with a ballet routine.

Critical Evaluation

Four dancers, (both male and female), demonstrate the exercises, which may be slightly difficult for ballet beginners. A glossary is included on the DVD for this reason.

While the exercises are useful for toning and sculpting, this DVD works best as a supplement to a regular exercise routine which contains more cardiovascular activity, such as a dance class, weight training, or playing a sport.

This edition does include a fun ballet routine which can be performed at the end of the other exercises, however, with daily use, this routine will become far too repetitive to perform over and over again.

Still, for dancers who are looking to sculpt and shape their muscles even more, these workouts for home are invaluable.

* This DVD can be paired with the popular paperback title of the same name, NYC Ballet Workout: Fifty Stretches And Exercises Anyone Can Do For A Strong, Graceful, And Sculpted Body.

Sculpt and shape your body with ballet, along with real New York City Ballet dancers, with this tranquil and relaxing DVD routine.

About the Author/Filmmaker

Danish-born Peter Martins joined New York City Ballet in 1967 to play the title role in George Balanchine’s Apollo. In 1981, Mr. Martins was named Ballet Master for the New York City Ballet, and became Director of the Company in 1989.

Since 1977, Martins has choreographed more than 80 ballets, and has launched the New York Choreograph Institute in support of the creation of new choreography.

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-Exercise DVD

Curriculum Ties

-Physical Education
Booktalking Ideas

-Ballet sculpting

-Exercise DVDs for serious athletes
Reading Level/Interest Age

Ages 15+

Challenge Issues

Why Did You Include This DVD?

While most exercise DVDs are not geared towards or generally enjoyed by teens because they are usually involved in other extracurricular activities, dancers are always looking to perfect their bodies and hone their craft, and this DVD is something they can use while in their homes.

The New York City Ballet is highly regarded, one of the “Big League” ballet companies, making their DVD an excellent choice for aspiring dancers.


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