Thwonk. By Joan Bauer. (2005). Speak. ISBN-10: 0142404292.

Plot Summary

Your typical senior in high school, A.J. McCready wants nothing more than the perfect boyfriend, or even just the right boy to notice her, and for her photography to be recognized. When a real-life cupid comes to help her out, she gets everything she ever wanted…but the question remains…is this everything she really wanted?
Critical Evaluation

Thwonk is downright fun and oh so relatable. What girl hasn’t wished for that cute guy in the popular crowd to notice her?

While seemingly your regular ole chick lit fare, Thwonk surprises with its multi-talented and strong heroine, A.J. While the sudden appearance of the cupid seems a bit out of place, it is definitely a fun and romantic romp with a solid main character that girls can look up to!
Reader’s Annotation

A.J. McCready only wants two things: for Peter Terris to notice her and for her photography to be a success! When a cupid grants A.J. one arrow of love, the words “be careful what you wish for,” suddenly take on fresh meaning!

About the Author

Joan Bauer lives off of laughter and storytelling. Her grandmother’s stories were one of her greatest influences growing up. She had various jobs in the publishing industry, but found advertising to be too stressful, and turned back to writing. After a horrible accident which required massive surgery, Joan wrote Squashed, her first Young Adult Novel.


-Chick Lit

Curriculum Ties

Booktalking Ideas

-Does Cupid Count when it comes to love?

-In literature, sometimes Mr.Wrong seems Oh So Right!

Reading Level/Interest Age

Ages 14+

Challenge Issues


Why Did You Include This Book?

Fun and witty, teens will love this book as much as Bauer’s award-winning Squashed! Even more romantic (Cupid is in it, how romantic can you get?!) but still with a kick-butt heroine with a serious hobby to book makes this title great for teen ladies.


About thesuperlibrarian

High School Librarian and obsessive reader! On a mission to read as many SUPER YA books as possible!
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