Twelve Dancing Princesses. Barrager, Brigette. (2011). Chronicle Books. Ages 4-8. ISBN-10: 9780811876964

I don’t normally review children’s books here, but I just had to write about my absolutely favorite new find!

Have you been aching for a traditional fairy tale told in just the right way to delight the truest princess fans? Barrager’s retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairy tale is uniquely funny and equal parts regal and mysterious. The illustrations are lush and fragrant as the flowers the princesses are named for. The book is tinged with magical charm and whimsical characters which will delight not just younger children, but stay with them as they grow older and more able to decipher the quick and meticulously chosen language. As Pip learns the key to the princesses’ mysterious disappearance each night, readers will learn the meaning of words like “proclamation,” “antidote,” and “vapor.” Not only does the story flow in perfect pitch, but each illustration, from the first to the last page, is only more magnificent than the last. This book should be an instant classic and I can’t wait to see what accolades are in order for this talented and extraordinary author and illustrator!

I’m looking out for Confessions of a Wannabe Cheerleader, illustrated by Barrager, out this July, 2011!

Curriculum Ties

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade: Flowers and colors

Older Art Students: Color and Design, Perspective

About the Author

Brigette Barrager graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 2007. She loves “tea and books and general old-lady-ish stuff.”

Brigette’s portfolio and art blog can be found at:


About thesuperlibrarian

High School Librarian and obsessive reader! On a mission to read as many SUPER YA books as possible!
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