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Settlers of Catan(Game). (2010). Mayfair Games. ASIN: B000W7JWUA.

Summary On the Island of Catan, there are four resources: wood, sheep, wheat, and ore. Through the role of the di, you will earn the goods necessary to trade, and then to build settlements and cities. Obtain a port, and … Continue reading

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Magic the Gathering (MTG) Dueling Decks: Phyrexia VS The Coalition. (Strategy Card Game). (2010). Wizards of the Coast, Inc. ASIN: B003BUAO2U. $19.99.

Summary A war is waged in Dominaria when Phyrexian invaders attack. Luckily, a coalition has formed which includes the ultra-powerful dragons! Can the united forces stop the black spawn before death is brought down upon them? Take the reigns as … Continue reading

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